RSS station enclosures

Product description

The RSS station switchgears and enclosures are dedicated to pole, indoor and free-standing stations. They are used as devices for the distribution and measurement of electricity in the transformer circuit.Depending on the purpose, we offer the following types of switchgears:
RSS pole switchgear
Aluminium enclosure
Chemohardening enclosure
RSSW indoor switchgear
Metal enclosure
RSST free-standing switchgear
Thermo-hardening enclosure
Depending on the design, conditions and requirements applicable to a given energy group, each switchgear is properly configured and adapted to the needs and standards.


  • Protection class: IP44
  • Standard color: RAL 7032
  • Compliance to the following standards: PN-EN 61439-1:2011, PN-EN 60439-5:2008, PN-EN 60529:2003, PN-EN 62262:2003
  • Rated current up to 1250A


  • The structure is made of 2 mm aluminum sheet
  • Double-sided construction
  • Three -point locking system
  • Cable entries in the upper part of the enclosure
  • Cable gland in the lower part of the enclosure enabling the entrance of the cables