Teletechical enclosures

Product description

The TTN and TTP enclosures have been designed in terms of multi-family housing for the media related to the transmission and distribution of analogue and digital technical data, TV and the Internet. This type of solutions is adapted to be assembled as p/t and n/t depending on the actual needs and purpose. The enclosures are made of traditional sheet with multiple bends ensuring good stability. Each enclosure is protected in the production process and painted with a polyester varnish in the standard RAL 9003 color, and Yale 927 door lock.


  • Standard color: RAL 9003


  • The main structure is made of 1 mm steel sheet
  • The mounting plate is made of 1,5 mm galvanized sheet
  • Low inserts for installing active devices
  • High inserts for installing RJ-K45 module connectors
  • Shelves for the concentrator and cable cover